Panasonic CM402 Pick and Place Machine
October 14, 2019
Ekra E4 Screen Printer
October 14, 2019

DEK Horizon 03i Stencil Printer

DEK Horizon 03i Stencil Printer
Vintage: 2009
Very Clean, single shift, low hours.
Camera: Graphite digital camera, using IEEE 1394 interface.
Single channel.
LED lighting FOV 5m 8.5mm.
Vision Inspection, Paste on Pad, Verification of percentage paste presence.
Cycle core time: 14 Seconds
Under screen cleaning: Blue Under Screen Cleaner with VF25 and external solvent tank
Grid-Lok Flexible Tooling System
Minimum board size (handling): 50mm (X) x 40mm (Y)
Maximum board size (handling): 508mm (X) x 508mm (Y)
Fiducial size: 0.1mm to 3mm
Left to right transport
Fully Functional