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Jim Goodrich- Compliance Partner @ CPI Systems

ISO 9001 Certification

  Cost Reduction Program

As we performed certification audits and provided consultant services over the past 25 years we observed the costs for ISO 9001 certification rising.

The major sized companies easily absorbed these costs. Unfortunately for the companies under 150 employees, they have had to choose between keeping their certification and struggling financially or discontinue and be at risk of losing customers.

Continuous Process Improvement Systems, LLC (CPISys) was formed by Vicki (Victoria) Delaney and Jim Goodrich to provide a program that minimizes the cost impact as well as resource utilization for small electro-mechanical manufacturing firms.

Our ISO Cost Reduction Program includes:
*  Liaison with the lowest cost accredited registrar in the US (see Certification Services below).*  Outsourced management of your Quality Management System so that your employees have    the time to do what they do best (see Outsourced Quality Management System below).


CERTIFICATION SERVICES:  In February 2008 the Accreditation Bodies under the IAF were given permission to perform remote audits as long as the Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures (ASRP) procedure was followed.

If you have less than 150 employees, and are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, or ISO 14001-  and your ISO Registrar does not provide remote audits- then you are paying too much!

The cost savings are considerable.

  • No onsite auditors, unless the records produced the perform the remote audit indicate a problem, and no auditor travel costs.
  • No work time lost facilitating or preparing for onsite audits, which can be multiple days of lost production.

How does this work? 

  • Once a year you send a copy of your internal audits, management review, performance/objective performance, customer complaints and corrective action file.
  • Certified auditors review the documents, write a report, and schedule the next internal audit.

The cost?

  • Initial or transfer audit – $500 document review and $975 annual audit fee
  • Surveillance audits – $975 annually

What you get.  An ISO certificate from an accredited certification body for the specific standard you are certified to.


Outsourced Quality Management Services

Services:  Performed online via Zoom and desk top sharing.

  • Internal Audits once per year – Revise documents if required
  • Facilitate Management Review, prepare input data, record meeting minutes
  • Review and assist in determining annual objectives and performance indicators
  • Monthly nonconformance meeting – includes corrective actions and customer complaints
  • Interface with registrar. Provide all required audit documentation and attend remote audit.

Cost:  Monthly subscription starts at $300 and varies by company size, ISO QMS scope, and services required.


ISO Cost Reduction Program Benefits:

  • No more worrying about getting internal audits done in time for the audits
  • No more resource issues for internal auditors
  • No more taking the time to gather up all of the information for Management Review
  • No more answering nonconformances from certification auditors that have no value added to them.
  • No more last-minute scrambling to get ready for the onsite auditor.
  • No more lost time facilitating the certification auditor’s visit.
  • Increased productivity from our focused deep dive process approach for critical/high risk processes.


ISO Cost Reduction Program Total Three Year Potential Cost Savings:



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